Sept 2015 to Dec 2015
C,  C++
Team Members:
Andy Chu,  Hassan Haq,  Joshua Lee,  Percy Teng,  Nelson Yi

CISC 326 (Game Architecture) was primarily based around a group project involving an architectural analysis of the 2004 video game DOOM 3. This was a 6 member project involving a high-level analysis of a large code base.

The analysis was separated into primarily three portions:

  • an analysis of the conceptual architecture,
  • an analysis of the concrete architecture,
  • and the proposal of an architectural enhancement.

This project required us to do the following:

  • derive a conceptual architecture through consulting documentation, and making comparisons to reference architectures and architectures of similar games
  • learn to use SciTools Understand (pictured below) to analyze the source code of DOOM 3 and to help derive the concrete architecture
  • propose a feature to the game and using SAAM/ATAM to analyze the potential effects on the architecture

We compiled everything for the presentations, reports, and miscellaneous files for this project onto a website at