Mar 2016
JavaScript,  MySQL,  PHP
Team Members:
Prajjwol Mondal,  Jay Zhao

Queen's BnB (qbandb) was the final project for CISC 332, the databases course at Queen's.

We were given the challenge of creating Airbnb, but for Queen's alumnae.

Admittedly, this was quite the challenge! The scope of the project was large, requiring full stack development during the implementation of the website. We struggled with the unfamiliar MySQL Workbench to query our database, the initial connection to the database (as is tradition whenever working with PHP/MySQL...), and combining all these technologies to create one website.

However, the design phase of the site was broken into parts. It required us to describe the flow of the website, write up descriptions of each page, and write the SQL queries required for the site.

Implementation primarily consisted of using forms and PHP to query the database using a PDO connection. One exception is the search page, where I was able to use AJAX/PHP to enable the page to query the database with no page reloading.

We hosted qbandb using Microsoft Azure connected to our Github repository. As Azure uses ClearDB, we used MySQL Workbench to access the database.

For front-end, we used Materialize for a responsive framework, and jQuery for DOM manipulation.