20 - 21 Feb 2016
Team Members:
Prajjwol Mondal

Visual iTunes is a iTunes library visualizer proof-of-concept built at McHacks 2016 (my very first full-day hackathon!). It was conceived, designed, and implemented in 24 hours by Prajjwol and I.

It allows a user to visualize their iTunes library data, by "uploading" an XML file to the web application.

Visual iTunes was built using JavaScript to ensure that everything always remains client-side. We store no data whatsoever about their library data. This was important to us design-wise, and was entirely a conscious decision. We want everyone to have confidence that their data was not being used for any purposes other than for their own personal use.

Hence, this is why I'm reluctant to say "upload", because that's not what's happening!

Visual iTunes was initially hosted using Microsoft Azure connected to our Github repository. Currently, it is simply hosted using Github Pages. Due to the limited time during implementation, we used Plotly for the graphing and visualizations. We also used Skeleton for CSS styling, positioning, and the layout.